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Trying a Different Approach to a DJing Gig. Part 3 (With Recording)

August 13, 2011

For part 1 visit HERE

With this post I’ll be looking at how the night came together in terms of collaborating with other artists on the night, how the night was received and how the whole thing was recorded and documented. The recording of the night is in a Souncloud player at the bottom with the option to download at high quality.


One of the major features of the night was to be the live visual projection by Conrado De Velasco. Conrado has a very accomplished CV taking in everything from art direction to furniture design and has exhibited work all around the globe. How he ended up in Waterford is a bit of a mystery, but a stroke of luck as he is currently very much interested in producing visual accompaniments for musicians of various styles which he does under the name Bangenuf .

Collaborating with artists of different backgrounds  has a number of advantages from my own point of view. The main one being it helps people look at my work in a different light. Conrado and I discussed this, after some early gigs we did, that people familiar with his work were more receptive to his  video and projections with musical backing and, similarly, people paid more attention to my music when it had a video to go with it. This could be down to a synergy between two peoples work but I think it’s just a more attractive package that’s more value for a persons attention. However I was at a great band in Kilkenny last night called Beautiful Unit who had a dancer/ performer/ somebody mucking about onstage who I thought provided a nice focal point for the instrumental nature of the music. Not everyone agreed. Paul Watts, a Dublin based promoter and DJ said he preferred music that was the same with your eyes closed as your eyes open. You can’t please everyone I suppose.

On the night the visuals definitely added to the mood and helped the crowd get on board with what was going down. It moved the attention away from what I was physically doing while keeping the focus on the music but adding a visual component to it. Also the placement of the screen halfway down the hall helped section off the area that the crowd had to be kept out of for the multiple sound system set up to work. The way the timing delays stacked up between the two rigs meant that if you stood behind behind system B everything slipped out of sync, so the crowd had to be kept in front of system B for the whole two rig experiment to work. Poor Conrado was sitting in the worst possible place for sound quality so he could do his rear projection, but hey! the guys a pro.

I should mention again and thank  Marie Lynch, a local artist who Anna organised to come along on the night to produce a painting which was raffled off along with a few bottles of wine at the end. Live paintings? Raffles? Not your average gig and it all helped in creating something  a step aside from the regular.

A Short (Slightly Biased) Review Of  the Night

In short the night was a great success. Everyone seemed to appreciate the effort everyone put into all the different elements. Mulled wine was drank, the hall and visuals were a talking point and we all danced well past what we originally thought to be chucking out time as the owner of the venue was there and he let Muc from Untz jam it out after my set until nearly 2 a.m. As for the multi rig sound system set up, what did people think? In truth only some people ‘got’ the interplay  between the two systems. However everybody commented that the sound on the night was fantastic, which I was very happy about as a four piece rock act had played through a PA in the hall a few weeks previous and the sound was said to be difficult. The two rigs, the way they were placed and timed, used the shape of the hall to support the sound rather than fighting against it. Anyone who had to move behind system B got the confusing impression two different dj’s were playing at the same time so I could explain to them what was happening (I would of liked to explain to everyone but I restrained myself). As I’ve mentioned in a previous post it’s too much to expect of people to notice the details of what your doing, their focus is elsewhere. It’s enough that people enjoy themselves and they certainly seemed to do that so I was very happy.

Documenting the Night

The next in a series of lucky breaks I had was the availability of another artist friend of mine to record a video of the night.  If your interested in film and video follow this link for more of Neil ‘Drikki’ O’Driscoll’s work. They guy is amazingly talented and he took footage on the night and turned it into this clip which captures the feel really well.

With something on the lines of this blog in mind I recorded my set of the night. I used a separate laptop with another RME souncard into which I ran a direct line input of the feed to sound system B (the near sound system). For recording sound system A it was vital I also capture some of the room sound which was the whole point of system A. For this I use two capacitor microphones which were suspended at head height  from the wire holding up the projection screen. In post production I had to sort out phase differences between these three (one stereo and two mono microphone) sources. I also edited out the one serious mistake I made after a bit of a ‘will I? won’t I?’ back and forth. I felt the mistake made a nice recording suffer unnecessarily. I retrospect I should of used more microphones and at least one stereo mic. The mic’s picked up a lot of crowd noise which I really like especially the ‘whoop’ at the sound of the flute when Sunshine V.I.P kicks in. I hope you enjoy it.


Harmonia -Sometimes in Autumn (Shackleton remix)
Autechre – Carni
Curve – Falling Tree (Aphex Twin remix)
Dussky – Izumi Dub
Zomby – Liquid Dancehall
Mum – I am Ten
Meat Beat Manifesto – Mind Stream (Aphex Twin remix)
Dopplereffect – Speak and Spell
The Peverelist – Infinity is Now
2562 – Enforcers
Damon Wild – Avion
Prince Buster – A Heavy Dub
Clarke – For Wolves Crew
Bok Bok – Ripe Banana
Nomo – All The Stars
Skream – 2D
Zomby – Strange Fruit
Surgeon – Who’s Bad Hands Are These (Autechre Remix)
Autechre – See On See
Acid Pauli -Symbiotic
Monolake – Mass Transit System
Holy Fuck – Korock
Daft Punk – Alive
Loefah – Truely Dread
The Bug – Skeng (Autechre remix)
Surgeon – Don’t Give Way To Fear
Kryptic Minds – Dub Generation
Shackleton – Private Places (Mordant Music Version)
(56:50)Beaumount Hannant – Psi Oynx (Psix Million Dollar Myx Oscar Goldmans Bonus)
King Tubby – In Fine Style
Monolake – Atlas
Moderat – Seamonkey
Moderat – Seamonkey (Untold Remix)
Boxcutter – Sunshine V.I.P.
Appleblim – By the Riverside (Komonasmuk remix)
Autechre – d-sho qub

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