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C90 to Detroit via Kilmeaden

October 8, 2011

DJ mixes come and go but some are for life and some can change the way you think about music. A couple of milestones spring to mind. The Spiral Tribe tapes, Laurent Garnier – Essential Mix June 1994, Jeff Mills – Live at The Liquid Room, Dave Clarke – Electroboogie Part 1, Andrew Weatherall – Electric Caravan, Kode 9’s mix for Go Magazine, Youngsta – Dubstep Allstars Vol 2,   all were important to me back in their time as I imagine they were to a lot of people.

However there were a couple of lesser known mixes that I listen to again and again that seem to improve the more I hear them. First among these was a tape recorded in the late nineties by a then local DJ Paul Smith, now producing quality techno for Detroit label Sistrum as Leonid and is based in Spain.

It’s a vinyl, recorded to a 45mins a side cassette tape, mix recorded at home and I’m not sure how many people have a copy. Paul doesn’t remember the mix himself. The music is  Detroit techno and electro with Carl Craig and Drexcyia being well represented. The mixing itself is a masterclass in restraint with tracks frequently being left play for their full duration (which can only work when you have tracks that are good enough). Tracks glide into each other with zen-like ease that ensure the listeners head space is never disrupted. It’s the complete opposite of the kind of live effecting and re-editing that goes on in my own current digital mixing and there is plenty of vinyl technique on display with two copies of the same track, one a quarter beat behind, being mixed together and scratched on occasion. This was my real introduction to the deeper soulful sound of Detroit and in particular Drexcyia and it still stands out to me today as the finest mix of those artists that I’ve come across. The music is sometimes tough, sometimes fragile and soulful throughout. Enjoy the C90 tape warmth and a wealth of classics.

Here’s a direct download link

Paul Smith Detroit Mix

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  1. October 9, 2011 09:47

    I was about to blog about this?!?!?!?! But it looks like you just beat me to it! Keep up the good work!!

    • October 9, 2011 10:47

      Thanks Pearce. I didn’t mention any of Leonid’s releases just the label he’s on. So why not do something there? It’s quality stuff. Nice design on your blog I’ll give the articles a gander.

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