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Excellent Documentary about the Hague’s Acid scene in the Nineties

September 27, 2012

In my ongoing efforts at filling the blanks of my knowledge of the techno that I obsessed about in the nineties I found out more about the Hague’s acid, and later electro scene. It seems the sort of squat parties I went to Holland looking for (about a year too late for the real deal), after being spurned on by Spiral Tribe mixtapes, had influenced and were influenced by the Hague’s defiant scene and the Bunker and Acid Planet labels in particular. Act’s like Unit Moebius, who’s tracks were unidentified treasures to people like me without internet, or access to those in the know, were hailed as Europe’s Underground Resistance and they have left a rich musical legacy still celebrated today.

In fact Bunker has just past it’s twentieth aniversay and have a mix online to celebrate showcasing a fraction of the high quality inventive material the label supported .

Alternatively the Creme organisation also have posted a mix by former Unit Moebius member, the man behind Beverley hills 808303 and Space Invaders are Smoking Grass, IF:

The real pleasure for me was coming across this documentary from 2004, I watched it on youtube but found a better link with the whole show together

It features IF, Legowelt, Alden Tyrell, Guy Tavares and others talking about what the older scene was like and how it evolved and split into different interest groups. Production styles and techniques are mentioned along with the philosophies behind the music. I.F. is a bit of a legend, I would of listened to him set the world to rights for the full 45 mins. Favorite quotes include this one from IF about what makes a worthy track:

“A track should talk, a track should walk. First it goes straight, then comes the break and then it goes left, then straight again, then it turns right and then it goes in other directions. Something has to happen with the song otherwise it’s just more of the same.”

Also Bunker main man Guy on the universality of music and an explanation of taste:

“Music is an emotional illusion. Bunker is nothing more than a factory of illusions,the same goes for Motorwolf and all the other labels on the planet. Since emotions are part of all time and cultures, always and everywhere in the same way, music is equally the same. Depending on the emotional need you create an illusion to satisfy that need. The only reason you have a different taste is because you’re emotionally different. That’ why we have different tastes. But the way you bring emotional impact is the same all over the world…..

(Interviewer:The same tastes?)

See it as a palette of tastes, each palette is made up of the same emotions. So you can decide for yourself if music is good or not, because there’s music that appeal to your emotions and there is music that fails in that aspect. Or appeals to emotions which you have no interest in.”

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