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This is a blog about the work I do in music projects I’m involved in and a broad conceptual look at electronic music philosophy, techniques and technologies . I’m a fan of articles where musicians and producers talk about what they do and a lot of my early insight into music making was came from magazines like Soundonsound and Future Music and, of course, online articles from too many sources to mention ( I actually will get around to linking to them all but I’m a big fan of the Ableton forum and, these days,

I’m going to stick with my own work at first and general thoughts about production and the electronic music scene and then, when I get more sure of what I’m doing, I’d like to talk to other people about their work.

There is going to be a heavy lean towards underground electronic dance music, it’s production and performance but I’m also getting more and more familiar with recording more traditional and amplified instruments and the more I learn the more interested I’m getting. I’ll try to keep everything in rational sections so you don’t have to wade through Ableton Live tips if that’s not your thing. Shout out to Dave ‘Encrypter‘ Jacob for proofing dodgy grammar

Central Hall Gig By John Loftus

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