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The ikeaboy Long Player

Released early in 2011 by Nute Records, my first album collects a lot of the different musical elements. Sub bass, acid style synth tweaking, Detroit strings and electro breaks. It has a lot of nods to old school sounds and, although it gets hard in places, I think it’s accessible enough that it could be enjoyed by anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music.


” Regularly changing styles, but harkening back to the spirit of early acid and techno; you truly never know what’s around the corner. Skip a track here at your peril.                            –

“Well produced, that album represents an open mindedness, overstepping the limit, to be understood just by more than one type of music lover.”                                                     

The Fazzip E.P.

With remixes by Lerosa and Whirling Hall Of Knives available on D1 Records . Track two, There There is a sort of tribute to Laurent Garnier, particularly his Essential Mix from June 1994. I can whistle that mix from memory, the segment with Drivetrain and Shiver being my favourite. The synth sound at two and a half minute is my Angel Melodyhorn, a fun keyboard you play while blowing into it.

“‘Fazzip’ combines a considerable bass presence with a jolting piece of beat design, peppered with sound effects that sound partly dub-influenced, partly arcade game-influenced. ‘There There’ isn’t nearly as comforting as its title would suggest, unleashing scrunched up ambient loops alongside towering 4/4 bass sequences.” -Boomkat

Metanoia E.P.

Released in early 2008 on Invisibleagent records. Click the label link for full previews. Available on Vinyl, CD and digital.

“Ikeaboy drops an EP that covers underground electro’s many sounds. …… has a fondness for craniun-splitting basslines and the malevolent, lunging bass of ‘Yellow Metal’, as well as Warren Daly’s ominous version of the same track, is the stuff that the worst nightmares are made of.”                      -DJ Mag

“Damian Tubbritt aka Ikeaboy has been threatening to do a record like this for a long time. While his appetite for powerful electro bass in previous outings has been clear, this time he has set the record straight beyond any doubt. Including a ghoulish, dub shaking remix from Sir Real and a sinister dancefloor interpretation from label boss Warren Daly, it’s the weird jerking feel of ghetto paced tracks like “Pallet Scrap” and “Yellow Metal”, that make this a secret weapon for bass freaks everywhere.”                                                           – Slick DJ Magazine

The Shawnee Curse E.P.

This was a joint release with Invisibleagent and all around top bloke Edwin ‘Corrugated Tunnel‘ James’ label SeedyR back in 2005. Edwin really wanted an acid E.P. from me of some tracks I played at a gig we did together, the E.P. ended up a minimal and experimental affair instead but I think he likes it. It was re-released in 2006 with a new acid remix by Edwin and both versions feature remixes by Lakker who continue to go from strength to strength.

“Boasts the same sense of foreboading and understated dynamics as classic Robert hood material”- DJ Mag Jan 2006

The Sleeper Cell E.P.

Ah! the E.P. that refused to be released. Back in 2001 when Eamonn at D1 decided to release this E.P. dance music was in a bit of a crisis with distributors closing down and vinyl falling out of favor. That and a whole bunch of bad luck saw this getting delayed  probably 4 years, not 5 like I said on the, sore sounding, blurb on the D1 site. I have to say my experiences with D1 have been very positive over the years with great gigs and opportunities. Track one Dayna was a collaboration with Dave Grimes, better known as a master of guitar, we all thought that one would really blow up but it wasn’t to be. Only hardware was used on the E.P. and it was remixed through Eamonn’s Soundcraft Ghost desk with some tracks kicks replaced by a real 909, good memories there. It ended up as a digital only release but at least it’s out there.

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